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Wisdom in a Tale of Two Lights

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January 9, 2023

Inthe Push Buttons article Full Circle, I explained that our lives are organized in seasons, and I shared the wisdom of God in evaluation as a season winds down.

Just like there is intelligence for the winding down of a season, there is also intelligence for the beginning of a season. There is a way to begin beginnings and there are imperatives to install at the start of every season. Beginnings are often disguised as the pathway into an unknown territory and one of the traps a lot of people get into is the disillusion of uncertainty under the guise of a beginning. On the contrary, God’s Word is replete with insight and instruction on how to begin beginnings. We are in the early days of 2023 and consistent with the attitudes of beginnings, we must posture ourselves to begin every year and every season as recommended by scripture.

The overarching principle is that beginnings are begun in Light! In Genesis, God began the rebirth of the earth’s beginning in light. Light is not just crucial, it’s preliminary. Light is not just important, it has to be first in position. It’s the foremost thing that has to be in place at the start of a season and it’s the foundational factor on which the positional integrity of everything else in our lives rest.

God created two bodies; The Sun and the moon to govern the lighting system of the earth. The greater light, which is the Sun shines during the day and the lesser light, the moon in the night (Genesis 1:14). To illuminate the earth, the moon draws its light from the Sun. We can say that the Sun is the source light and the moon is the receptor light. These two bodies give illumination to every part of the earth regardless of geographic location. Infact, the pattern of illumination of these two bodies, particularly, the Sun determine the timing in these geographic locations. We see another scripture earlier in Genesis1:4 where God first declared light before the establishment of these two great lights. It would appear that this Light is superior to the natural lighting system that we see in Genesis 1:14 and it’s essentially the light that governs creation, beginning and the new.

One of the prophetic processions we have received as a house under God is that this year we are singing Songs of Zion. One of the things we see in Zion is that it is perpetually lit but not with the light from the Sun and moon.

The sun shall no longer be your light by day, Nor for brightness shall the moon give light to you; But the Lord will be to you an everlasting light, And your God your glory. Your sun shall no longer go down, Nor shall your moon withdraw itself; For the Lord will be your everlasting light, And the days of your mourning shall be ended. — Isaiah 60:19-20

For Zionites, we see a type and replica of the lighting system at creation where there’s a God Light and that God light commands a dual system of lights in place. On the heels of the God’s everlasting light, the light of the Sun and Moon become inferior lights but are still a type and shadow of Two Lights that must exist in the life of a believer; The Light of Revelation which the Sun and the light of wisdom which is typical of the moon. These two lights must govern our lives.

The light of revelation is the source light that dictates the direction of a man’s life. The light of revelation is rooted deep in the Word of God. It’s a particular inspiration from the body of knowledge i.e. the whole counsel of God’s Word that gives definition to a certain phase of your life. The light of revelation is what declares your day as a believer. Without the light of revelation, your day has not begun. The extent to which we live our lives is determined by the level and extent of revelation that we have. Regardless of the phase and aspect of life you are in, the revelation from God’s Word can impact it. Just as the sun determines the timing of places, the timing of the appearance of things in our lives is dependent on the level and extent of the revelation that we have.

How do you receive revelation for the beginning of your season?

1. Lean on His Understanding Through Prayer: God declares the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). A costly assumption believers often make is thinking that because God is walking present with us, He has the same level of perspective as we have. God does not step into the unknown year void of perspective as we sometimes are. He walks with us throughout the year but He carries a different and higher perspective because of the vantage point from which He operates. So the action here is to ask.

2. Install a Framework through Study: All through scripture, I found that God always sends a Word about a season, announcing it in profuse words before it happens. God doesn’t shroud the arrival of a season in secrecy. It is His desire to transfer the intelligence He has for the season and He always beckons upon us to see a season before the operations of the season is in full force and He conveys this through Words (Isaiah 43:19). So this is the way it goes; God sees and knows the scope of a season we are about to enter into and heralds what He sees via a Word, the receiver is expected to hear that Word and convert what He has heard to what he sees by looking upon the Word. If the first time you are seeing the essence of a season is by the physical installments that you can perceive with your five senses, then you’re too late. You’ve actually become a recipient and benefactor of someone else’s sight and confession. The action to do here is to listen to hear and having heard, study what you have heard until you see it as a clear picture formed in your heart.

3. Release what you see through Prayers and Declarations: Beginnings are not quiet. That’s the reason people fast and pray at the beginning of a new year or a new season because it is imperative that just as God transfers what He sees to His children by words, his children also have to transfer the framework that they see and transpose it upon the earth via words. The earth then hears and produces a physical receipt and evidence of what was spoken into and upon it i.e. testimonies. The quality of the earth’s receipt is dependent on the boldness and doggedness of our declarations and the doggedness of our declarations is in turn influenced by the clarity of our sight. While it’s important to be introspective at the beginning of the year as we set SMART goals, however the quiet introspection must also be balanced with aggressive sowing of those inspired goals as seeds into ground through the agency of bold and forthright utterances.

The second light, is the light of wisdom. Just as the moon draws its light from the sun, the light of wisdom must draw its source from the light of revelation. The night seasons are typically seasons of instruction and these seasons of instruction are illuminated by the moon’s derivative light. The revelation we get from the Word of God must be converted into actions and measurable goals and to-dos. The revelation must compel you to do something, put new habits in place and prepare to take new actions (or take old actions with a renewed understanding), new courses, start a business, write your CV, clean up your social media presence, do something! It’s that thing that you do that then transitions you out of a season of mourning to dancing.

For a believer, goals, actions, plans and resolutions are not just arbitrary, they are drawn from a revelation of God’s Word. So one of the ways you show that you have received a Word from God is what you are doing and the actions you are taking.

I trust that as you put this framework into action, you’ll start to see phenomenal growth and testimonies spring up in your life.

Have a blessed week ahead

Olayinka Adebayo


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