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We like to think of Our Ministries as group shelters for the various service units at The Tribe.

Discipleship Ministry

Central hub for worker training, managing, and fostering spiritual growth in The Tribe.
This is the team that focuses on finding those “ones” wherever they are. Are you thinking of outreach or evangelism activities at The Tribe?
Global village via social media! They are the voice ensuring Jesus is heard. Managing Tribe’s social platforms is our mission.

Worship Ministry

This team beckons tribesmen every week into God’s presence via music. So, if you have great musical skill or talent, The Beckoners might be for you.
Tribe’s media and publicity team creating buzz, capturing moments. Cameras, lights, visuals – think Buzz.
The sound team manages church audio, ensuring clear communication during services without distractions and a seamless experience for all.

Operations Ministry

This team ensures everyone receives a warm welcome and attentive service throughout their stay at the Tribe.
Guest Information & Analytics, welcoming and assisting guests for seamless integration into The Tribe community.
At the Tribe, we see our tribesmen as gifts, and this team ensures that these gifts are well taken care of. This is the welfare expression of the Tribe.

Facility Ministry

This team is in charge of the overall management and security of the facility, from the car park to the building itself and every form of equipment or appliance in the building.

Special Offices

Dedicated team, the Tribe’s knowledge bank, passionately ensures growth for all with an impressive collection of books for sale and rent.
At The Tribe, children are valued as the Lord’s heritage. Olives, our children’s ministry, nurtures, educates, and cares for them.
Special team reaching secondary school youth, guiding them in righteousness during their teenage and young adult years.


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