Who we are


How we started

The PowerPoint Tribe (PPT) is one of the expressions of The Baptizing Church Global, started under the leadership of Pastor Dami Oguntunde in October 2019.

The inception of The PowerPoint Tribe is more than just the establishment of a physical structure; it marks the beginning of a vision to deploy excellent disciples to every known sphere of influence for Kingdom advancement. Our guiding principles are represented in the acronym HILLS, representing Honour, Integrity, Love, Loyalty, and Sacrifice.

The PowerPoint Tribe is a community rooted in the love of God and passionately committed to building excellent disciples through the balanced teaching of God’s word and exemplary leadership.

We are a vibrant family of faith-filled believers who deeply experience the love and presence of God and partner with Jesus to express the joy and power of His kingdom in every area of life. At the center of all that concerns us is a pursuit of intimacy with God, where hearts are transformed and lives are launched into purpose.

Who we are about

Our mission is to to build excellent disciples through the balanced teaching of God’s 
word and exemplary leadership.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deploy excellent disciples in every know sphere of influence for kingdom
advancement by the year 2030.


Our core values

Here in the powerpoint tribe we build our values on “HILLS


We Honor God’s Word, God’s Name, God’s Servants, God’s People, and God’s Creation.


It’s unwavering commitment to align actions with God’s Word, even in challenges.


Love, an obligation and command, binds our worth, fostering unity.


It’s our unwavering commitment to God, His teachings, and one another.”


Sacrifice lies at the heart of our faith journey, urging us to step beyond our comfort zones.

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