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Who are the BAMBOOs?

It’s a Men’s followship, where God’s Word is distilled with unique application to masculine contexts, relevant for our time and seasons and applicable in day-to-day living.


The Bamboos have an established seven-point objective called The Bamboo’s Creed (“The BC”) which reads as follows;

  • My immediate focus is growth on the inside and not results on the outside. I take root downward.
  • I am deliberate about my personal, mental, and spiritual development.
  • I am disciplined in my thoughts, words, and actions.
  • I am a man of substance. This is obvious in my speech, appearance, and actions.
  • I am a man of honor. I relate honorably with the female-folks and use my physical strength to shield, protect, and support sisters, wives, and mothers in my space.
  • I am God’s representation in systems, structures, and societies.
  • I am light, I shine. I am salt, I preserve. I bear fruits upward.