Web Of Wisdom 1.0 (WOW) [Rocky Wisdom] – Pastor Dami Oguntunde

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February 17, 2023

The crux of today’s word was centered on the wisdom of God, where pastor Dami described God as God is a body of knowledge that governs the certainty of outcomes in the world.— and this translates to every and different areas of life.
The wisdom of God is an intangible force that produces tangible results.
We learnt that, as believers we are tapping into the kind of wisdom that sees the past present and future as against the best of the intelligence and wisdom of man that can only gather from the intelligence of the past.

We learnt that we should listen to the counsel of God in every area of our life, mostly as whatever instruction comes through the wisdom ofGod has duelly observed every variable in the past present and future including time and chance; and no matter how irrational it may seem to our mind, the working are beyond our understanding either ways and that ‘by wisdom a house is founded, through understand it is established, by knowledge its interiors are filled with riches’, and that anything that is not built on a solid foundation would eventually crumble when the wind of trials come by.

He went on to close by saying that the premium on the hearing is the doing and that we should build on the rock.

Brethren, a-lot was shared in today’s word and it’s really worth (re-)listening to. Kindly listen again to the word by using the resources below.

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