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Unfollow The Cloud Gazers

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February 28, 2022

There is a very intriguing thought locked up in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap. — Ecclesiastes 11:4 KJV

Here is quite an interesting thought King Solomon puts forth. He implies that if you preoccupy yourself with observing the things you thought you needed for your seeds to germinate, he says, you just might end up never sowing. He also says, if perhaps you get through sowing the seed, and thereafter you begin to preoccupy yourself with observing the rain, which is responsible for providing moisture for your seed to grow, by checking out the cloud… he says you just might jettison your harvest.


If you’re like me, I’m sure you’d be running through Luke 14 where the Bible teaches us to count the cost for every venture and ensure we have what it takes to make a vision come through before we even begin. If that’s true, then it simply means we should probably observe the wind before we sow, so that we can safely predict the impact and outcome of our sowing. And if we intend to reap, we probably should start checking out the clouds for the rain. Right?

But what’s the Wisdom The Lord seeks to share with us this week from this passage of Scripture?

I believe very strongly that The Lord will have you know this; that your Seeds are more powerful than your environment!

The man who doesn’t sow, must have chosen not to sow because of environmental observation, not because he lacked seeds. King Solomon is saying to us to never let our seeds bow to the pressure of the environment. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to ignore the constant barging of the environment, seemingly nudging us to pay attention to their power to determine the outcome of our seeds. But in the middle of all of that noise, we’ve got to look at our seeds, tiny as they are, insignificant as they seem and see them for what they could become. You know the powerful thing about seeds? They’re in our hands! The environment isn’t in our hands, the wind and the rain aren’t in our hands, but the seed is! Hallelujah! God’s equity has made it so that your life will be ultimately determined, not by factors outside your control, but by those within your control. The seed is in your hands! Your life will ultimately be a reflection of what you did with what was in your hands, not what the environment did to you!

Yes, I know that when we observe the state of our Nation, we often have many reasons to throw away our seeds, but the Preacher in Ecclesiastes cries on the streets of our hearts, don’t exalt the environment above your seeds! Your excessive wind observation is ruining the chances for the survival of your seed.

In the beginning, after the reinstatement of the Life order, God was about to set the most irreversible law of Life Sustenance in motion;

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. — Genesis 8:22 KJV

The very first mentions were seedtime and harvest, not environmental factors like cold, heat, summer, etc. The reason is because God’s command on the environment is to aid seedtime and harvest. The various environmental seasons exist for the sole purpose of aiding your sowing and reaping, not to deter it. Without seedtime and harvest, cold, heat, summer, winter and the rest will have no purpose.

Your observation of these factors is exactly what these factors don’t understand. Their command is to wait on the seed sowing, but here is the sower waiting on them before he sows. So while they’re waiting on the sower, the sower is waiting on them… no wonder King Solomon gave a determinate verdict about the conclusion of the whole matter! He that observes the wind will not sow! Primarily because the wind is also observing him!! The seed does not bow to the wind, the wind bows to the seed! The harvest does not bow to the rain, the rain bows to the harvest! It is because harvest must happen that rain becomes inevitable! Not the other way around.

Remember what God said through Isaiah in Chapter 55?

For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: — Isaiah 55:10 KJV

The purpose of the wind and the rain is to ensure that seed is not lacking for the sower and that the eater never lacks bread. The reason for the environmental factors is to ensure that sowing and reaping never cease as long as the earth remains.

What are the winds you have been observing in your life? What are the considerations that you have exalted enough to stall your sowing? Oh I don’t have the qualifications required, so I can’t apply for the role! Oh, politics is dirty, I can vie for an office! I don’t have the experience to own a business, where do I start from?

How about you sow your seeds? How about you trust that the wind and the rain are waiting on your seed? How about you give the wind a command as your seed hits the soil of Faith?

Instead of becoming an expert at analysing the wind and rain like a meteorologist, how about you become an expert at sowing and reaping. Observers reap nothing, except stats! Yes, they’ll know about the 80% failure rate in a particular field, but will never be part of the 20% that succeed.

There are ultimately two sets of people in life; Those who know all the reasons why it wouldn’t work because they keep their gaze on the wind and the rain, and those who just keep on sowing and reaping with the help of the same wind that others are observing.

Now, does this negate our Luke 14 charge?

Not at all, it validates it!

Yes, it’s important to count the cost for every venture before going headlong, but it’s also possible that all this while, we have been looking at the wrong variables.

When you count the cost for the success of your life, what do you count? Environmental factors? The wind and the rain? What your parents didn’t give you? What Nigeria didn’t offer you? Who said NO to your proposal?

Yes, by all means, we should count the cost, but maybe all the cost we need count is our seed! Do you have your Seed? Do you have your Faith? Do you have His Word? Do you have a Dream? Then sow it and begin to wait for it, the Seed will surely speak, it will not tarry! All that the wind and the rain can do is aid your elevation, they couldn’t deter it. Hallelujah

This year, do well to unfollow the Cloud Gazers, and start sowing your seeds!

Say it out loud

I am born of God

I am the Seed of Abraham

I am born of an Incorruptible Seed

I am unstoppable

I am from above

I am above all things

Glory to God forever!

Have a fruitful week.

Dami Oguntunde


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