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The Sure Path to Growth

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January 3, 2022

First things first,

Happy New Year!

I’m glad you made it into this glorious year that is laden with possibilities.

At the PowerPoint Tribe, we have received a Word from the Lord; He calls it our Year of the Prevailing Blessing! The Blessing that transcends unto the utmost bounds of the everlasting hills. Hallelujah!

God is big on Fruitfulness. In fact, in John 15, He says any branch in Him that does not bear fruit, the Husbandman, who is The Father will cut it away. But that’s not all, the ones that bear fruit too, He says He will purge, prune and cleanse them so that they can bear more fruit. God has no sympathy for Fruitlessness, Redundancy and Mediocrity. Leaving fruitless branches on His Vine makes Him run the risk of being a hypocrite. Remember He cursed a fruitless fig tree that He expected to have fruits on it!

This year, God wants more fruits from you!

Whatever it is you achieved in the year 2021, listen friends, God expects more from you in 2022. There is no branch that has ever maximised the True Vine enough, that is why The Father is all too convinced that there is much more you can become this year! Your branch can produce much more fruit, if you will connect better with the True Vine. If you will maximise The Grace of God, there is no end to what you could achieve this year.

When it comes to Fruitfulness and Growth, there is this powerful principle locked up in the Psalm of Moses in Psalms 90 that the Holy Spirit shared with me. That principle has become the bedrock of my Transformation Projects for the year 2022 across the major areas of my Life and Ministry. Pay attention as I share this timeless principle with you as you prepare for your year.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto Wisdom.” — Psalms 90:12 KJV

Here, we see the establishment of a direct connection between Numbering and Wisdom. What does it mean to number? To number means to assign value. Wisdom on the other hand is the right application of knowledge that guarantees success.

In other words, a system of careful assessment, evaluation and metrics centricity is the surest path to repeatable and predictable success. No one ever became a global phenomenon off the back of an uncoordinated regimen. It’s literally impossible.

Before God created anything, He first created the bag that will contain everything; TIME! This is why the Bible begins with… In the “beginning” thereby signalling how that everything that exists on this dimension is referenced only within a time context. He created Time in order to put His Work into Perspective and a Sequence of order. That’s the purpose of time; for Perspective, Sequence and Order. Then for the next 6 days, He carefully arranged His Work with the highest form of Supernatural Wisdom; Proverbs 8:22–31 makes it clear that that Intelligence deployed at Creation was called Wisdom. Wisdom made the bold claim that He was the software orchestrating the entire order of Creation. Such beauty!

Then God did something quite instructive when He was done with each day’s work, He looked around and said to Himself, “Good Job!” Everything He had created was “good”! Hmmm. But what did God mean by that? He meant that everything He created was in alignment and identical with what He intended to make. The things He created was “good” because it was in alignment with what He had predefined as a success for Him. If He didn’t have any picture of what He wanted to create, He couldn’t judge what He eventually came up with as good or not!

In the same vein, when it comes to your Growth, Fruitfulness and Success in the year 2022, it is imperative to have predefined objectives; that is what Success looks like based on your interaction with God.

Remember He is the Husbandman, The One who determines what is fruit enough! It is important He is consulted before laying out your plans for the year. God’s commitment is ultimately connected to His Own Counsel, not your dreams, goals or desires! Let Him define for you, what He sees for your life in 2022, and then begin to work backwards from that predefined objective to begin to set your goals for the year by the Wisdom of God. Let His Wisdom order the sequence of your plans so that you can be guaranteed success.

Let’s explore something quickly;

Gen 1:4 Then God saw the light, that it was good…

Gen 1:10 … and God saw that it was good.

Gen 1:12 … and God saw that it was good…

Gen 1:18 … and God saw that it was good…

Look at that?

After every milestone, God reviewed his project work viz-a-viz what He had predefined and He saw that it was good! He did not wait till the 6th day before summarising His entire Creation Project as “Good”, He was doing daily assessments, evaluations and “numbering”! That is, He was assigning value to the quality of His work for each day and He kept ramping up the “Good” report!

Listen friends, this is what God calls Wisdom.

This idea of evaluations and assessments only coming up towards the end of the year is very alien to Wisdom. God does not check for His progress report only on the 6th day, He does a daily check to be sure He is on track. That should be your approach this year. Break the grand objective into time contexts that can be assessed regularly. That’s the sure path to Success this year.

So teach us to NUMBER our days, that we may apply our Hearts unto WISDOM!

Let me summarise the key thoughts here;

1. Fellowship with God to know what to set as your Predefined Objectives for the Year. Because only then can you define what Good is.

2. Sequence your Objectives within a Time Context and determine key milestones along the path.

3. Do Daily, Weekly and Monthly Assessments of the portion of the objective that is due for that period and “number” it — assign a value to it. Is it good? Is it in alignment with what was predefined?

4. Make the relevant adjustments required to move your judgment to as close as possible to “Good”. However, don’t become obsessed with Perfection. God is Perfect in all His ways, but for now, only your spirit is of that perfect essence. So, create a standard that is good enough or near enough to the good standard. And once you arrive at that standard… the only thing left is “we mouve”.

5. After each milestone, review the previous milestones collectively to ensure there is a flow and alignment with the grand objective. Don’t sacrifice the grand objective for a temporary high of success.

6. Always give Glory to God over every success achieved.

This is a sure strategy for Success, Fruitfulness and Growth in the year 2022.

I pray that you fulfil the purpose of God for your life in the year 2022 in Jesus Name.

God bless your heart.

Enjoy God’s Prevailing Blessing this year!

Dami Oguntunde


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