The Hidden Manna| His Fragrance 5.0| Pastor Dami Oguntunde

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February 4, 2024

Greetings, Fellow Tribesmen. Pastor Dami expounded on the significance of diligently safeguarding our hearts. He emphasized the importance of protecting the Word of God dwelling within our hearts, as these are the very targets of the devil’s attempts at theft. The devil strategically exploits vulnerabilities within our hearts through a decoy operation, aiming to expose and snatch away God’s word.

Pastor Dami elucidated three key tactics employed by the devil:

  1. Steal the Word from those who are not born again: The devil seeks to pilfer the Word from those who have not yet experienced spiritual rebirth by ensuring they do not hear the word thereby remaining their god.
  2. Stony Ground: This pertains to internalizing the Word, ensuring it takes root deep within us. This involves arming ourselves with the Word’s as our ammunition and armor, enabling us to recall it during times of adversity.
  3. Thorny Ground: This involves suffocating the Word by becoming entangled in life’s hectic pace, leaving little room for engagement with the Word, let alone manifesting and handling it. Pastor Dami stressed the necessity of prioritizing God’s Word in our lives.

To shield the Word effectively, it must be hidden within and guarded by the heart, with the heart itself protected by the Word. This can be achieved through practices such as actively listening to the Word, meditating on its teachings, and confessing God’s Word regularly.

Feel free to revisit today’s enlightening lesson and may you have a wonderfully blessed week ahead.

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