The Gideon Complex (The Shield 11.0) – Pastor Peace Bamidele

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February 17, 2023

Hi there Tribesmen,
What a wonderful word we heard today from Pastor Peace today. Today’s word could be rounded up to these few words ‘Don’t just be fruitful, DOMINATE’.

Pastor Peace treated us to an invigorating session explaining how impotent the wiles and devices of the devil are and how we are expected to subdue and dominate the world.
We learnt about the Gideon complex and how detriment it could be to our growth as people of Christ. We learnt that we should be more like Jephthah and not like Gideon.

Here are some key takeaways from today’s word.

  • The devil powers his devices through fear. Fear limits your potential for achievements.
  • God wants you to subdue and dominate the earth.
  • The Gideon complex is using your background as the reason why God should not bless you.
  • Dont look for spectacular things; prepare/put your faith in God.
  • Keep the right company; go and find it (Judges 11:29).
  • Judges 11:12-13 Be confrontational; address that fear. Engage your fear directly (Judges 11:24).
  • Are you making vows like Jephthah or you are seeking proofs like Gideon? .
  • Don’t tolerate haters like Gideon. For Jephthah, he smote his enemies (Judges 12:1-6).

Let’s do well to go over the message again. Have a great week guys.

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