The Face of Jesus 8.0 (Joy Overload – 7 definitions & 3 dimensions ) – Pastor Dami Oguntunde

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July 25, 2021

Oh what a joyful time in service today.

We learnt from Isaiah 12:3 that the moment we came in to the light of salvation, wells of endless possibilities in God’s life were deposited in us and it is by joy in the Holy Spirit that these wells spring up. In other words, it is with joy in the Holy Spirit that we draw from the wells deposited in us at salvation.

We saw seven interwoven definitions and three dimensions of joy to the believer but ultimately we understood that for us believers our being joyous is not to be determined by harvest or scarcity or by our emotions rather it responds to the light of God’s countenance; and when we encounter life’s quizzes, our response is to get into the executive mode of the Almighty in joyful laughter in the Holy Ghost as in Psalms 2:4. This is a sure path to the consolidation of our victory over the enemy.

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