The Elephant in the room – Pastor Peace Bamidele

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July 17, 2022

Today’s session was quite an energetic call to a moment of personal retrospection and contrition.
Pastor Peace led us in a comprehensive class of 4 of the major elephants existent in our generation and why we need to slaughter/get rid of them. The elephants namely:

  • Liberal inclusion
  • Independence
  • Digital Distraction
  • Generalization.
    He urged us to detach from the nuances and decadence existent in the world and subscribe to the ‘Gen S’ nuances as explained in Psalms 24 so as to align with the goodwill of God for us as individuals and as a people.

There’s a lot more packed into today’s session, please do well to listen again to the teaching.

Let’s have a splendid week ahead.


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