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April 25, 2022

I recently read a powerful thought from one of the wisest men that ever lived. He spoke of a certain generation in very specific and graphic details. After examining the features of this generation he described, I had reasons to think upon a certain generation, with whom I am well acquainted?

There is a generation that curseth their father, And doth not bless their mother. There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, And yet is not washed from their filthiness. There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! And their eyelids are lifted up. There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, To devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men. — Proverbs 30:11‭-‬14 KJV

You would almost think he lived in my day. How does he get the diagnosis of our condition so spot on? Isn’t it interesting that we sometimes have to go several millennia before ours, before we get a more accurate evaluation of the condition of our generation? Far more accurate than the several speculative opinions that make rounds on social media.

Let’s do a bit more assessment of this generation’s condition;

1. Father Cursing: This doesn’t mean to literally curse a Father. What this means is for a generation to arise but lack absolute regard for the same vehicle that brought them to the point where they knew enough to realize how more advanced they are than their Fathers. Rather than this generation acknowledging the foundation upon which they stand and hope to build from, they insist on unlaying a foundation which inadvertently invalidates their very existence. A cursed Father couldn’t produce a blessed seed! How does a seed curse its Father?

How a boy who grew up in RCCG or Deeper Christian Life in order to know enough of the same Bible now critisizes the same institutions for misinterpreting, feel justified in his “curse” baffles me! How could you pull the carpet from under your feet and expect to still be standing?

Every generation ought to command the praise of God unto another generation, but if there is a gradual decline in the quality of Praise God can recoup out of a generation, perhaps it’s because we have been unseating foundational blocks our generation ought to build upon. Now we’re left with no block to use, but hay and stubble!

2. Mother Cursing: When a generation neglects its nurturers, it’s a dangerous sign that bears no good omen. How do you curse the one who gave you suck? The one who facilitated your survival? Now you’re old enough to say the milk was sour… How dare you?

I speak to my generation!

I speak to the generation that lacks empathy for mothers, wives, nurturers and care givers. I speak to the ones who have deployed their muscular torso in afflicting those whom they were meant to protect! Strong iron gates aren’t strong so they could bar their owners, they’re strong to wade off invaders! Your strength o man is to protect the Mother and not to curse her! The Mother, whoever that means to you, may not have your strength or stature, but she carried all of it within herself and did not crumble under its weight! Beware, the next time you attempt to call her weak. You are the one with no strength of character! You will rather throw a fist than dialogue… oh how weak!

3. Hypocritical Hysterics: Pure in their own eyes, but full of filth. Raise a banner for “Say No to Rape!” today, but make a tape the next; Arm the juvenile boys and girls with sufficient sexual fantasies in music video classes, but condemn the same when they head to the hotel rooms for practicals; Have an opinion on everything that trends, but fail to keep their own houses in order, until it’s frozen out by the callousness of the unforgiving cold.

When will my generation hear truth and heed?

4. Lofty Eyes: There’s never been a more covetous generation. All allures in full glare on the gram. Never seeing the things within sight, but the very things far out of sight. Seeking the 90M they couldn’t have worked for without spilling lies on camera and lying with just about anyone that offers the thrill. Kids napping kids, just so they could grab the cash for the latest toys! Oh how lofty! Where are your young teenage eyes? On the zenith of a hill your growing feet will still tread but too impatient to wait for? How about you wait? Ever thought of that?

5. Sharp & Venomous Teeth: Only that its edges are made of qwerties and emojis; chirping, chipping and gnawing away every ounce of life in any adversary thought. Oh so sweet… They think! Feeding off the toxic group energy like insatiable piranhas, seeking the next unfortunate, wayward and contrary opinion.

Their algorithms and the humans who keep the rhythm flowing, are designed to devour the poor from off the earth and the needy from among men. They feed off the insecurities of their victims and mock at every error. “You don’t exist if you’re not one of us, you’re better off depressed and dead, and we’ll make sure of it” is their implied objective. They may not even be aware of it… Sword Teeth!!!

I speak to my generation!

No generation has epitomised these 5 symptoms quite like mine. When will we realise that everyone is indeed broken and in desperate need of a Savior? In a generation where Sin abounds, I have some good news; Grace doth much more abound!

A Savior who Himself is the Everlasting Father; who would never Curse a Mother but ask a Beloved Man to protect and identify with His; One who will rebuke Hypocrites because they hurt more than they heal; One who can heal man of covetousness for He alone satisfies, for He is both here with us and far above us… no loftiness with Him; The One whose Sword is in His Mouth and Who will come again to judge the earth with a Rod of Iron when He comes in the Excellent Glory of the Blinding Sun.

That is the Savior my generation needs!

He is the One we ALL need!

It’s a shame the few people who have experienced His Glorious Majesty and the liberty of Sons, choose to protect Him in their nice and tidy lives making sure He isn’t exposed to the “wrath” of the day…

But in case we have all forgotten, anyone capable of predicting His own Resurrection and then going ahead to execute it, needs no protection but proclamation! Now matter how wayward a Generation ever gets, it’s never too lost for the possibility of Re-GENEration.

Let the emancipation begin!

Have a Redemptive week ahead!

Dami Oguntunde

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