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Pause and Listen

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March 15, 2021

(Isaiah 55: 2–3; Luke 10:39–42)

Often times, we get carried away with the excess attention we pay to things that we believe matter to us. It could be our job; it could be something we consider a call or ministry; it could be our finances or needs; it could be family. Some of these distractions sometimes even end up becoming idols in our lives.

A story that I’m consistently reminded of is the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10: 39–42. While one was running around trying to serve Christ another simply sat at the feet of Jesus to listen.

Most times we behave like Martha. We erroneously think that the things we are chasing are God’s will even though they are completely shifting our focus away from God. As much as Marta was trying to please God, there was certainly no justification for neglecting The Master while trying to serve Him. Hence, she clearly didn’t see the difference between what was important and what she considered important.

One of the reasons marriages crumble is because of the lack of this understanding. Some wives think that pleasing their spouse involves cooking, cleaning and getting all worked out without trying to identify what would actually please their spouse. Some husbands believe that as long as they provide all the finances, they are pleasing their wives. These couples take what they believe and just use that to run their marriages without a deliberate effort to understand what would truly make the marriage work.

In much the same way, God is our husband and He would rather have us spend time with him than be stressed out from trying to please him with what we think he likes. We have to know what he likes and not what we think he likes and then give this to him in order to have a successful marriage with him (Isaiah 54:5)

The advantage we have with God is the fact His Word and Spirit give us insight into what He desires. All we need do is listen! Whether there’s a storm or not, He wants us to be still and listen! (Psalm 46:1; and Mathew 6:33–34). These scriptures tell us the importance of listening and paying attention to what matters. The Father consistently places emphasis on the fact that he is the one who has the scroll of our lives (Psalm 139) and our path cannot be darkened as long as we are with him. He consistently tells us that one thing is needful — seeking the Kingdom first.

Since his ways go far beyond our ways, and he promises to show up when we call on him and are ready to listen, he is ready to show us hidden secrets (Jeremiah 33:3). Why then do we not listen? Why do we not try to understand? Why do we fret?

To not listen is not only a waste of energy (Isaiah 55:2–3) but also foolishness! Yes, foolishness! The creator has made it clear that he has ordained work for you to do from scratch (Ephesians 1:10).

He also made it clear that you can’t do these works on your own! He states clearly that it is he who works in you to will and to do! (Philippians 2:13). No wonder Apostle Paul referred to the Galatians as ‘foolish’ for thinking they could achieve things through their own struggles (Galatians 3:1–7)

This is why God refers to himself as the ‘I AM.’ What this means is that “What He cannot do does not exist”. Since we are sons of the ‘I AM’, we have direct access to him because of his own very sacrifice.

Hence, we should Pause and Listen. It is for our own good. Don’t try to do “giragira” in fulfilling your destiny by yourself. Meditate on the nature of the ‘I AM’. Remember your ancestors, King David and Abraham, and how they paused, worshipped, listened and took actions even in the midst of trials (Philippians 4: 6–7). And if you are burdened, he wants you to lay it down on the altar (Matthew 11:28–30).

The very life you are pursuing already belongs to you. Just listen. It is in listening that the very life that God wants us to live is made known to us and it is in doing this that we truly please HIM.

This week, PAUSE and LISTEN!

Do have a splendidly productive week.

Peace Bamidele

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