Overflow Thanksgiving Service – Pastor Dami Oguntunde

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October 18, 2021

In today’s teaching Pastor Dami made a highly picturesque comparison between the model of the tabernacle of Moses and that of David. Firstly, he showed us the signification of each instrument, gesture and act, performed in Moses’ tabernacle, then he showed us the emergence and necessity of the tabernacle of David, especially how it came from the eventual diligence of King David.

While tying up the teaching, we then see how that we gain access into the tabernacle of David, through praise, worship and thanksgiving, as all the sacrifices of the tabernacle of Moses were done away with, this was the point where the passcode to the presence of God changed from strict compliance to the protocols of the tabernacle of Moses to what is called the Sacrifice of praise; and this is the current inheritance and access that was finally played out by the works of Christ through His birth, death and resurrection, that through these works of Jesus, we are now seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly places. Glory to God!!!

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