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Numbered Lives Matter

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January 9, 2023

First things first, Happy New Year!

It is super amazing that God’s grace and faithfulness saw us through 2022 and have kept us thus far. It is by His mercy that we are not consumed, because His compassion fails not (Lamentations 3:22), and it is with great joy and faith that I welcome you to your best year yet!

2022 was a landmark year at the tribe, rife with supernatural revelations, learnings, and insights, and 2023 is brimming with opportunities to put them to practice. At the Powerpoint Tribe, we have received a word from the Lord, a strategic definition of the year, as a year where we release Sounds, The Songs of Zion, Hallelujah!

As we begin the year, my attention is turned to a verse of scripture that may have become the “Psalm 23” of New Year’s and I am reminded of a conversation I had with a tribesman last year (yes, I can imagine the phrase “last year” is already doing rounds).

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto Wisdom.” — Psalms 90:12 KJV

My focus for this article would be on the numbering of days because I believe God has a deluge of revelation on Wisdom in store for us with the first series for the year WoW — Web of Wisdom. I look forward excitedly and urge you to do the same! Do not miss it!

To number goes beyond counting; it is to assign a unique identifier to each day — in a numbered system, one can reference specific items by their numbers, and not just a count. With a count, one is looking at the total, whereas with numbering one is being specific about each item — regardless of the homogeneity of the items involved. To number your days is akin to defining or naming each day by its kind, fruit, or purpose. From the popular scripture,”…there is a time for everything under the sun”, and the definition of days as a unit of time, we can infer that there is a day for everything, a day to be born and a day to die, a day to plant and a day to uproot… and so on.

One of the reasons the period of the New Year is globally saddled with resolutions, plans, and pursuits is because of its ability to provide the semblance of a “clean slate” for reference or naming purposes of the days it brings. In the same vein, one of the reasons why resolutions fail a few weeks/months into the year is when the novelty or perspective of the uniqueness or “pregnancy” of each day is lost.

I believe 2023 calls for a level of intentional living beyond the mere counting of days, to a consistent numbering of days. I would share three things about numbering days from Scripture

  1. In the Beginning | The Counter-Intuitive Start of the Day: It would appear, from scripture, that the day does not begin in the morning, but in the evening before. We see in Genesis 1:5–31 when creation happened, and the first records of time we have, that “so the evening and the morning were the ___ day” was repeated enough times to make one wonder just how we missed this. From these verses of scripture, we see that the day does not begin in the morning, but is incubated and delivered in the evening. Similarly, the numbering, defining, or planning of the day ought to begin before the morning of the day — and perhaps this is one of the reasons why Jesus would often pray and commune with His Father “a great while before daybreak” or “while it was dark”. (Mark 1:35). Your day and the numbering of the day begins the evening before morning. PS: All things considered, it may be important to state that this is not an advocacy for sleepless nights. May God grant you wisdom for the application of this knowledge.
  2. Circumspective Walking | Living in the Moment, beyond the Moment: Time is a gift from God, and no one knows how much of it is allotted to each person. The concept of death may be regarded as a complex thing with many perspectives, but one thing most can agree on is that it has a way of putting things in perspective — and very fast. Juxtaposing Ephesians 5:15–16 with Colossians 4:5, we can quickly see that redeeming time is related to wisdom in how we live, making the most of every opportunity rather than wasting time on frivolous pursuits that leave no lasting imprint. God has given us all things pertaining to life and godliness. Wisdom is in the streets, and the Donkey you need to enter Jerusalem is already available. Here’s a quick question that may help in sifting activities; looking forward by 30 years, will it matter if you did this thing? If yes, how so? and what is the likely impact? Would this action today cost you more time/resources tomorrow Or save (i.e. free up, because you can’t “store time”) you some time? If you find it difficult to answer these questions, the odds are, you are contemplating a “frivolous pursuit”.
  3. Altared Journeys | Now the Day is Over: At the end of each day of creation, God returned to evaluate and give feedback. We find that the fathers of faith built altars following landmark events in their lives, and this practice was helpful both for them and for posterity’s sake. This is one principle that has been taught extensively by Pastor Dami Oguntunde, and should you require a refresher, do find it here. At the start of 2022, in a Push Button article we were shown scripturally how the principle of evaluation and feedback is not meant to be an annual ritual, but a daily ritual — this is Wisdom! Beyond being a sure path to success and its ability to improve consistency and alignment, this practice provides the opportunity to create altars of thanksgiving and sacrifice each day! — ensuring Leviticus 6:12–13

Each day in the year 2023 is pregnant with possibilities and opportunities. I pray that you fulfill the purpose of God for your life in the year 2023 in Jesus’ Name.

Come, for all things are ready! This Year, We Release a Sound!

Itoro Nehemiah


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