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September 24, 2023

Hello Tribesmen, Today pointed out certain things that separates a leader that is out to serve the people (CSR) and a leader that out to serve their selfish interest (TAP).

Some major pointers off todays teachings are:

  • So far as you are willing to serve there would always be a situation requiring service and needing a steward as opposed to when you are looking for titles
  • if you lead from a position of weakness, you can’t really have any influence
  • You must see people the way God sees them, this way you are effective
  • You must have value to give and to serve with
  • As a leader you must be on a higher level of thinking and sophistication
  • You must have something to serve the people with; something to inspire them
  • You must humble yourself before God, in order for him to supply you with the grace of consistency

These and more are treasures from today’s teaching and you would do well to go over the teaching again.

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