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Knights In Hoodies

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June 20, 2022

Anincredibly thought provoking, table shattering and gender ideology renouncing documentary was released a little over a week ago; What is a Woman? And what a tremendous body of work it was! The film has caused no small stir, especially among the Liberals in the United States of America. Many of whom feel so threatened that Matt Walsh, the Creator of the film, has started receiving both death threats and wishes from all angles on social media. They’re incensed because this movie now tops most of the streaming charts in the US for the month of June and the little secret they have covertly kept under wraps is now being exposed for what it truly is. I personally love his courage in defying such threats with even greater conviction of purpose in rooting out the lies of the devil from a culture heavily besieged by an agenda that is designed by hell to steal, kill and destroy… especially the lives of its children.

It’s quite intriguing that a day would come that merely asking the question “What is a Woman?”, could cause such a major unrest among a people who share certain ideologies that they themselves cannot seem to justify with basic logic. How difficult it must be to define a woman! Being a woman is now a function of how a person feels and what he/she prefers to be addressed as: It’s no longer, at least elementarily, a function of basic biological and physiological features assigned by the Creator Himself.

The interesting thing about hell is that it possesses a unique sophistication that is inexhaustible in churning out perverse imaginations. That’s why it is bottomless! There is no end to how creative hell can get in its downward spiral into degeneracy. One would imagine that identifying as a gender you’re not biologically assigned would be the height of delusion, but no! Apparently, people now identify to be animals too. I mean why not? Why not have children drag queens and strippers? As is currently being pushed. Where does the enemy draw the line? Lines?? There are no lines in hell, there are no limits that put boundary to corruption. Hell is bottomless! And if believers, who alone have access to Truth, stay quiet: Error and corruption will be peddled until it is shoved in our faces, stuffed right into our mouths, with a stern command to chew on! Like it currently is, in present day with the Woke Culture and Movement entering into every sphere of influence to cultivate a naive generation that will herald their agenda. This is really not about certain Country, it’s an agenda the enemy won’t relent in propagating until its reach spreads to the ends of the earth. Talk about the perverted version of Acts 1:8!

Today, what I’d really like to point your attention to is how fickle the fabric of a lie is. We saw with the “What is a Woman?” documentary, that though the gender identity ideology agenda had run rampant for many decades unhindered and undeterred, it took only one simple logical question to bring the straws bearing it up, down to the ground like a pack of cards. Just a question, not even an argument or a carefully articulated presentation… A simple question was sufficient to expose the absordity of an ideology that simply couldn’t hold up the weight and pressure of a little scrutiny. That tells you a lot! A lie is fickle and deception is cowardly! They could never stand the insistence of courage. And may I say here, that understanding the magnitude of the political will and machinery laid out to sponsor these lies, it’s understandable why many simply avoid the need to get into these “murky waters”. However, it is better to die in the pursuit of truth than to live on, in the comfort of lies. What do you stand to lose for speaking or identifying with truth? Followers? Affirmation? Support? Acceptance? Votes?

A famous Politician, whose very status was hinged on winning over people’s opinions, once asked an innocent Man, who had been wrongly charged and accused by His own people, quite an intriguing question;

Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all. — John 18:38 KJV

What is Truth? Hmmmn

Notice Jesus didn’t respond to Pilate before Pilate came to his own conclusion that Jesus was guiltless? Jesus didn’t have to tell Pilate anything about His innocence, but Pilate knew Jesus was innocent. Pilate had an innate reckon in his conscience as to the verity of Truth without even as much as a presentation or an argument. Pilate was a non-Jewish political leader, yet he instinctively knew what Truth was. The question Pilate asked was not a mere inquisition about the truth regarding the false accusation alone, but one that transcended individual events, situations or circumstances. He asked a deeply remarkable question; What is Truth? But even a pagan ruler knew that answer, because God has planted the seed of light that illuminates that powerful query into the conscience of every man as revealed in Romans 1:19–20.

because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: — Romans 1:19‭-‬20 KJV

So, the conclusion is that Truth as a transcendent reality is something every single person knows innately. However, aligning actions with perceived Truth is another kettle of fish entirely. I have never met or known about a real Atheist, they don’t exist. We only have people who reckon one thing in their conscience, (before it got cauterised) and thereafter refused to align their actions with what they knew instinctively. For the most part, what we have are people who know this Truth but wouldn’t submit to “Him”, because Truth is a Person. The question to ask is, even though Pilate knew the Truth, did he align his actions with the Truth? No! Instead, he made a hypocritical outward show of distancing himself from the situation by washing off his hands.

Friends, you don’t discover truth and wash off your hands: You discover truth and get your hands dirty in pursuit of its cause. God doesn’t want it for people who know the truth, to stay aloof, washing their metaphorical hands in hypocritical waters, all in the name of not wanting trouble from the ‘Jews’. Truth demands that you pursue it, not merely recognize it casually in the corridors of your heart and steer clear of any controversy its pursuit might cause or cost you. Truth is like that partner that beyond a secret affair, requires public affirmation, which means rejecting all other suitors. Your actions must align with Truth in the presence of many witnesses, for there to be a clear indication of who you have chosen and the many you have inadvertently rejected!

Once you become emboldened by truth, you soon realise that it doesn’t cost much to unseat the age-old lies that social constructs, woke culture, cancel culture, social media and other ‘jewish’ (not in a general sense, but in the context of Pilate’s fears) elements, have erected over time.

My question for you today is simple: What is Truth? Not what is your truth? For Truth is One. There are no relatives to transcendent Truth, just One Cardinal reference. And if you know this Truth intrinsically, how about you do the Truth? Pursue the Truth? Publicly and boldly affirm this Truth with your actions? If God can get enough of His Truth Knights to remove the hoodies of timidity, caution and political correctness; and boldly identify with Truth, not just mentally, but with audacious actions, we will see more lies buried in one generation than the devil could attempt to catch up with, in his laboratory of perversion.

At the end of the day, the entirety of the infrastructure that holds up every lie or perversion, cannot afford the audacity of a bold Knight.

Have a productive week ahead.

Dami Oguntunde

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