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Keep Your King and The King of Kings will Keep You

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December 20, 2021

What makes the game of Chess so fascinating?

Perhaps because it forces its players to think and anticipate the potential moves of their opponents while fashioning possible counter moves for each of those anticipated moves. It forces the brain to literally create a multi-dimensional network of possible moves, envisage the effects of each move on a series of moves down the line. Master Chess Players have mastered the concept of utility. They don’t mind forgoing 4 of their pawns, depending on how far into their successive moves they have anticipated, just so they get the chance to capture the opponent’s most important piece; The King!

Some amateur players assume that the opponent forgoing his pawns is simply being naïve, so they excitedly take down his pawns, only to realise that they have left their most prized piece, vulnerable! Chess forces its players to not only recognize opportunities, but to weigh the impact, contribution and consequence of each opportunity. A Master Chess Player values each move, not by its immediate impact and benefit, but its long-term impact. The farther into successive plays a player can anticipate, the better he becomes at this remarkable game of Chess. It’s no surprise that the best of Army Generals are Masters in Chess. They often prepare for battles by spending time playing chess and exercising that ability to anticipate and counter opponents’ moves. In their case though, it’s beyond just pawns and knights, real lives are at stake!

Just like it is with the Game of Chess, the devil does not mind giving you some of his pawns (material blessings, popularity, fame, success and riches) just so he can get the chance to have your King (your worship of God, your communion with The Father, your purity, your righteousness consciousness, your relationship with Jesus). Remember that was the deal he tried to sell Jesus when he tempted Him? He will make you so excited about the opportunity to get some more possessions, some more likes on the gram, some more fame, some more votes while he lures you farther and farther away from where your king is, to a place you couldn’t possibly protect your most important piece from being a collateral damage.

He will only advertise the exhilarating pleasure, sleeping with Bathsheba (another man’s wife) for one night will bring to your soul, while ensuring you fail to see the capitulation that one move will cause in your household. He wouldn’t tell you that because of that one night of pleasure; a good, loyal and faithful comrade of yours will die on the battle field; he wouldn’t tell you that the seed of that adultery will die as well; that one of your sons will lust after your own daughter and violate her without mercy and how that will stir up another son of yours to plot the death of the rapist son; that that vengeful son of yours will attempt a takeover of your kingdom and divide the kingdom right before your eyes… the devil will not tell you the series of events that could ensue from a decision you made without anticipating the consequences.

As brilliant as the devil is with this whole thing, he is nowhere near the Master Player Himself. the devil isn’t invincible! He is smart enough to anticipate moves because he has been around for a really long time. He has seen the patterns and cycles of how things turn out long enough to know how to manipulate outcomes with that knowledge, but He isn’t The Omniscient. There is a Certain Judge who sits in the circles of the Earth. The entire territory that takes the devil significant time to run to and fro, is the exact space God occupies when He sits. Only God knows the end from the beginning and things that are yet to happen from ancient times. This is what sponsors His command and assurance that His counsel will stand and He will do all He pleases.

“Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, 10. Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.” — Isaiah 46:9–10 KJV

When God speaks and devices a Counsel, He already anticipated all possible moves and has reserved His joker. The devil thought he had God in a corner when he organized the crucifixion of Jesus, he thought he had gotten The King of Kings captured. Hahaha!! Little did he know that God was waiting for that his one move, in order to execute the Ultimate Checkmate! The devil didn’t see that coming.

“But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 8. Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would have crucified the Lord of Glory.” — 1 Corinthians 2:7–8 KJV

The devil and all his hierarchies while making the crucifixion move, didn’t see resurrection coming, they didn’t see you and I coming, they didn’t see the power of the Gospel coming! They couldn’t see beyond their noses, because compared to this King of Kings, no one else is a worthy enough player. He doesn’t play chess with anyone, He owns the whole Board! He is the Only Wise God, not the Wisest!

As you evaluate the year 2021, you may have lost pawns, but if your King is intact, then you’re still in the game! No matter the progress the devil may seem to be making with the pawns of your life, rest assured that The Lord has a joker up His sleeves with which He will dumbfound all of hell’s attempts to stop you. You are Unstoppable, Undefeatable, Unbreakable and Indomitable! That’s who you are!

When you choose to magnify God in your life and make Him your priority, you are protecting your King, and for as long as you have your King, you’re in the game! And if you’re in the game, you only play to win! No matter how many pawns the enemy takes, you’ll always be just one move away from recovering every last one of them. Only keep your King, and the King of Kings will keep you.

As we look forward to an amazing year 2022, aren’t you just glad that The King of Kings is the Master Chess Player of your life?

Rejoice!!! And have a festive week ahead!

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