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January 30, 2021

Today, I’ll be sharing with you, which I believe will have a great impact on you.
Why does the reality of many believers defy the prediction of their inheritance in Christ? Why does it seem like they are so much more in there in the Book and so much less out here in the world?

A verse of Scripture accurately captures these thoughts;
“I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.” Ecclesiastes 10:7 NKJV

How come with all that Princes have been made to be, given an inheritance to become and trained to function as, many still end up walking bare feet as servants and slaves upon the earth?

The servants you find on horses are a creation of the Princes who refused to take their places. Jesus didn’t die to make us Joint Heirs, just so we could live life with a sorry, timid and weak mindset, whilst we live within the Minimum Threshold for Risks.

We were born to do business in the deep waters, we were made to ride upon our high places, we were ordained to soar on Eagle’s wings. We were born for the depths and heights!

This unfounded humility of pursuit that is sandwiched between fear for risk and a lack of competence produced by years of responsibility abdication is a scam!

When the Bible in Job 22:29 says when men are cast down, you shall say there is a lifting… to the traditional mind that is unwilling to be an exemption in the sea of depression, he retorts to you who has chosen to be an exemption; “who you tink say you be? Ooh we wey dey struggle for this valley, our head no korect abi? abi na only you Papa God love? Oga this your gragra and oversabi don dey too much o, we sef get God o” and for fear of friction or need for social acceptance, you halt your motion to the top! For fear of resistance, you refuse God’s lifting and assistance.

Listen friends, your choice to suffer in the mire of depression along with others, simply because struggles and hustles have become trendy is a proud attempt to reject your portion in God.

Let’s read the verse in context…
“When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up, and he shall save the humble person.” Job 22:29 KJV

God sees your humility when you choose what He ordains for you and not what society remains for you. The best society can do is remain for you, after they are gorged in corruption. Then they leave for you, the worst of what is left after everyone else has hustled for the best, but God doesn’t do that… He ordains for you the very best, reserves your portion, and preserves it until you show up to claim what is rightfully yours. Remember how King Saul’s portion was reserved for him until he showed up? That’s exactly how much preparation goes into reserving your portion. To decide to not have what God has prepared for you with great care and thoughtfulness is the height of pride. No reason is enough a justification.

Famine, Economic Depression, Inflation have nothing on your inheritance. You carry the blessing!

Do you know why it’s a humble thing to choose what The Word of God ordained for you? Because it is the only hope for those who remain in the valley of decision. Your rise becomes their inspiration, your motion into glory becomes their hope. That you once shared in their history assures them that someday, they could share in your new story. Don’t stay in the valley because it is popular, rise to the mountain and give everyone downhill a polar vision.

When you choose to stay downhill, the hope for revival is lost, the chance for victory is eliminated… everyone loses.

This week and this year 2021, I charge you to humbly pursue all that God has in store for you. Take Words with you and begin to war with them. Take Action and begin to execute. Take Perspective and begin to navigate the waters.

Refusing to pursue all that God has in store for you is an attitude characterized chiefly by Laziness and Pride… this year I charge you to Humbly Pursue.
Have a remarkable week ahead.

Dami Oguntunde

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