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Heart Bouncers

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April 11, 2022

I wonder why they’re called Bouncers, though! They stand at the entrances of high-profile events to screen everyone who seeks to gain access to the event. They’re usually very intimidating in their outlook and insist on wearing tight-fitted short sleeves, just so you don’t have to assume their muscular superiority over your contrasting light feather frame. They often have the charge of looking out for one thing, usually a card; an IV! They don’t care for your name, looks, or impressive wears. Nothing else admits you into the event except that IV! Your English won’t save you. Present your card or gettat! Lol

They want to be sure that the organizers of the event had your attendance in mind way before the day.

Okay, enough about Bouncers! We’ll get back to them. Let’s talk about Farmers for a bit!

No matter how skilled and experienced a farmer is, he cannot explain how a seed turns into a harvest, but he has repeated it long enough to know it works. No one sees what goes down beneath the soil. What we know, however, is that if we sow a couple of seeds into the ground today, a few months later, we will get a bunch of cobs full of thousands of seeds.

This is exactly the operational dynamic that governs the effectiveness of The Word of God in our lives.

We all want good health, a successful career, a thriving business, and fruitful relationships, just like every farmer wants a good harvest. However, praying for a harvest has never produced one. The farmer must locate the seed for the harvest he so desires. If a farmer wants a corn harvest, he must locate a corn seed; there is no other way around it, absolutely none other! Well, except he goes begging or stealing from others who already followed the right path to their own harvest. Also, when it comes to the success, health, and relationships we want to see in our lives, we need to locate the seed for that experience.

What I’m sharing with you today is so simple that you will need someone’s help in order to miss it. Left on your own, you couldn’t miss this. The Bible tells us not to be lured away from the simplicity of the Gospel.

Now, the Seed for every good thing God wants to do in your life is The Word of God. If He wants to heal you, He has to have His Seed sown into the soil of your heart. If He wants to make you prosperous, He must plant His Seed into your heart, else your prosperity will eternally remain a promise and will never become reality. The Seed for everything God wants to do in your life is His Word in your heart!

Luke 8:11 says the Seed is the Word of God, Mark 4:14 says the Sower soweth the Word

The Word of God is the Seed for every Harvest worth having in our lives. Everything God created in the beginning was Good, and it was His Word He used to create all that Goodness. In the same vein, any good thing you desire in this world is wrapped up in God’s Word, albeit as a Seed! Now, that seed must be sown. No seed ever becomes a Harvest without being sown! But where must we sow the seed of The Word?

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. — Proverbs 4:23 NLT

This is such a profound claim! It is one that one could have questioned if it weren’t God who made it through His Word. The Word of God says that the transactions that go on in our hearts are what determines the course and direction of our lives. One might assume that The Bible is teaching us here not to allow anything come into our heart at all, that is, we must guard it! However, The Word of God isn’t saying we should shield our hearts from any invasion, He only says we should regulate the access. Pretty much like how Bouncers work. They have people they must allow and those they must not allow. The Guarding here does not mean to block entrance, it means to regulate access.

You would notice in the preceding verses just before the charge to guard our hearts, The Bible already tells us what MUST gain entrance into our Guarded heart;

My son, attend to my words; Incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; Keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them, And health to all their flesh. — Proverbs 4:20‭-‬22 KJV

The Word of God in your Heart will produce for you success in career and business, supernatural health, remarkable and fruitful relationships, and all-around stability. That’s what God’s Word does. Albeit, it must be sown into your heart!

The Bible says to guard our hearts above all else. It means more than we guard our homes, our estate gates, our passworded mobile banking apps, our bedrooms… more than we guard everything else in our lives, we must guard your heart! We must keep intimidating Bouncers at its gates.

Imagine a farmer sows a bunch of good seeds, thorns, thistles, and tares in the exact same spot; what kind of harvest should he be expecting? A confused harvest, one that lacks wholeness!

This is why some people experience success in an area and an absolute incongruity in another area. It’s because they allowed all kinds of things to gain access into their hearts. The Word of God is wholeness and fullness. It gives wealth without adding sorrow; it gives health to all the flesh, and it gives what Joshua calls good success. However, if a life that seems to be applying the Word isn’t experiencing God’s best, the heart must have been invaded by foreign entities. The role of your Heart Bouncers is to screen off any approaching alien that is not consistent with the expected atmosphere that engenders growth and prosperity, according to The Word.

To master life is to understand how The Word of God produces all the good things God wants us to have and enjoy! The Word of God makes it clear that God gives us all things richly to enjoy!

Ever wondered where the thousands more seeds on the cobs came from? 2 seeds were sown, 2 thousand were harvested. Where did the increase come from? They weren’t in the soil before the seed was sown, and they sure weren’t sown with the seed. So, where did they come from? Well, they were inside the seed all along but could not become a harvest until they entered the soil.

Your increase is already in the Seed of God’s Word, your health is in the Word, your breakthrough is in the Word, that your “container” worth millions is in the Word, your Wife is in the Word, everything you’re looking for is in the Word. But those things will stay in their Word “states” until they are sown into your heart by Meditation. Just like a seed will remain alone until it is sown!

As you go into the week, mount these 3 Heart Bouncers at the door of your Heart. Their job is to eliminate thorns, thistles, and briers from your heart in order to preserve your harvest of success;

1. Thanksgiving: According to Scripture in Psalms 67:5–6, praising God unlocks the increase of the earth in your favour. It also keeps depression, complaining, nagging, despair, and other corrupt parasites at bay.

2. Praying in the Holy Ghost: Jude 20 calls it your most holy faith. It means, the Word of God is most active in your life when you mix it with the supernatural faith that comes from the Holy Ghost in prayer. It’s a remarkable way to send all alien invaders into derision as they cannot discern it.

3. Rejoicing: Rejoicing is putting Joy on repeat! The enemy cannot get past the contagious Joy of a Faith, and Holy Ghost filled believer. Wooosh! This week, choose to rejoice in all circumstances without reservation and conservation.

As you do these, you mount an impenetrable guard on your heart, where only Word consistent guests are granted access.

The Lord bless His Word in your heart in Jesus Name!

Have a fruitful week ahead!

Dami Oguntunde

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