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Feelers, Vibers, & Filters

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September 25, 2023

If there was ever an award for the most cheated man in history, it has to go to Jacob! Laban played him so bad and he fell for it so hard. Desperation makes you an easy prey to deception. He couldn’t go back home to a vengeful brother; his mother had specifically sent him to Laban, so Jacob had no other alternative for survival. He inadvertently became Laban’s pawn! All the negotiation power was with Laban!

Jacob fell in love with Rachel and was given a ridiculous condition for her, and he accepted it. When the 7 years elapsed, he was given Leah instead of Rachel. Then he had to work another 7 years for the one he truly loved. In all, he worked 14 years just for Rachel.

How was Laban able to successfully deceive Jacob? How did Jacob become intimate with a woman who wasn’t the one he had chosen, yet did not realise until day break? There is an architecture to deception and Laban was the master craftsman at it.

Laban ensured the elements required for deceiving Jacob were in place, and that was why his strategy was so effective. It’s the same wiles the enemy deploys till today, but many unsuspecting people, and sometimes even believers, fall victim to his many devices. Remember, Jacob was already blessed by Isaac at this point, yet he fell victim to deception. The same way many believers are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, but still fall victim to the devices of the enemy. Understanding the architecture of deception helps to disarm the enemy and place you in a positional advantage against him and all his schemes.

And Jacob said unto Laban, Give me my wife, for my days are fulfilled, that I may go in unto her. And Laban gathered together all the men of the place, and made a feast. And it came to pass in the evening, that he took Leah his daughter, and brought her to him; and he went in unto her. And it came to pass, that in the morning, behold, it was Leah: and he said to Laban, What is this thou hast done unto me? did not I serve with thee for Rachel? Wherefore then hast thou beguiled me? — Genesis 29:21‭-‬23‭, ‬25 KJV

The following were the conditions that aided Laban’s deception of Jacob:

1. Laban Established Desire (Lust) in Jacob before Activating his Plan. When the 7 years of servitude were fulfilled, Laban didn’t call to Jacob to remind him of his reward; instead, he waited for Jacob to demand for Rachel. With this, he established Jacob’s desire to become intimate with Rachel, which activated the full arsenal of deception. The devil can only tempt or deceive you to the degree of your lust.

Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: but every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. — James 1:13‭-‬14 KJV

Laban waited till Jacob couldn’t hold it together anymore. He had waited 7 years and was now unable to wait any longer. This impaired his judgement and discernment and made him serve his baser instincts.

I know you have waited 7 years, but can you wait one more year without becoming apprehensive? Can you stay controlled in the 8th year of your waiting? This is why God hardly puts a time perspective on His promises (He sometimes does, but they’re rare and conditional upon an initial indefinite waiting season). He simply wants you to wait on Him, simple. Waiting for a time heightens your propensity for falling into the snare of the adversary as that set time draws nearer. In those moments, the devil can take full advantage of your lust. Indeed, unanchored Patience can lead to Lust! This is why we must anchor our Patience to God and not to a specific outcome. Looking unto Jesus, the author of our Faith, not looking unto time! If He said He will do it, He will… leave the timing to Him.

Jacob became a victim because he was counting down 2,555 days, and when it got to 7,6,5,4,3,2,1… my guy couldn’t hold it anymore. He went to demand his “bounty” so he could relish in it. Laban noticed he had gotten Jacob where he needed him, so he capitalised on that moment of weakness. Maybe if Jacob had waited one more day, he would have seen the woman for who she really was. His impatience contributed to the possibility of the deception.

Beware of yourself when you can no longer wait to “get married”, “have children”, “have church members’’, “get a job”… Those are the moments devilish suggestions and alternatives become so attractive. That moment you can no longer wait is probably when you should ask for Grace to wait some more. Those critical moments can be seized by the enemy to devastating effects.

2. Laban Introduced heightened Pleasure. Laban didn’t just go in and bring Rachel or Leah to Jacob, he threw a party! He ensured there was enough food and drinks to go around. This was so he could diminish the sobriety of Jacob, impair his judgement, and his capacity to discern accurately! Truth is, anyone given to hedonistic partying will have many regrets in life. Alcohol makes a fool of people and erodes their dignity. Smart geniuses become a caricature of themselves, spewing nonsensicals under the influence of intoxication. David attempted to manipulate Uriah using alcohol. If you’re one given to alcohol, there’s no telling how many decisions you may have made under its influence.

It’s not uncommon in our day to have couples throw parties a day before their weddings. At those parties, the guy gets his last chance to do and undo before he gets “locked up” in marriage. Sobriety is required before making or sealing up critical decisions such as marriage. Instead, the enemy replaces nights that ought to be spent in prayer and deep sobriety of thought with partying and reminiscing on the “good ol’ days.” Making you mindful of the city you ought to forget, thereby keeping the bridge to the past intact for future voyage. Hebrews 11:15.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: — 1 Peter 5:8 KJV

3. Laban Worked at Night. The enemy NEVER works in the light… NEVER! There’s always secrecy, non-disclosure, or sleight of hands with the devil. That night factor is the ultimate ingredient he needs for deception. Laban made sure he gave Leah to Jacob at night, and that was the final condition for deception. What made this effective were the first two factors. When the enemy has gotten you lusting, impatient, and prayerless, deception becomes inevitable!

Leah was handed to Jacob at night, the same way some people may have married wrongly because they received their partners at night after a season of lust, impatience, and prayerlessness. That night sometimes lasts for 5 years, some for 10 years, but ultimately, “eye go still clear”—the “day” will break and everything will be exposed for what it truly is.

Oh, how I wish Jacob had a conversation with Leah that night before touching her. He had lived with them for 7 years and could tell their voices apart, but because he was so eager to get intimate, he skipped the talking stage… hmmn. Too many people skip friendship and talking stage and rush into a relationship on the strength of a dream or prophetic vision they received at “night.” Touching without talking can be dangerous. Talking is what sustains relationships, not touching!

Only if Jacob had talked to the supposed Rachel, he would have found out the deception. What the eyes don’t see, the ears will pick. Prophecy is great, visions are awesome, but let me hear His Word from the pages of Scripture. It’s the more sure Word of Prophecy! What the eyes don’t see, the ears will pick. He may be handsome, but he speaks rudely to everyone else but you. She may be beautiful, but she’s bitter and unforgiving. Isn’t it interesting that Jacob used this very devilish tactic on his father? Isaac would not have been deceived by Jacob had he trusted his ears over his sight. Isaac replaced his discernment and spiritual perceptions with touching and feeling. That’s the quickest way to be deceived.

The Word over Seers!

Bring that decision to light. Be accountable about it. Talk to your Pastor about that secret plan of yours. Bring it to light. Let The Light judge it.

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. — John 3:19‭-‬21 KJV

Beyond human feelers and vibers, go for the Filter of God’s Word to test all things, and you don’t have to be susceptible to deception ever again! The Bible says everything is naked and bare before God’s Word, only if we’ll present our every decision in the W-Ray before we make them. Deception can be crushed in your life. It begins with a commitment to God’s Word.

Have a liberating week ahead.

Do well to share this with someone you love.

God bless your heart.

Dami Oguntunde


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