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Body of Light!

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June 21, 2021

Welcome to a new week. One of the great achievement of this century is the development of the laser beam technology. You see, beyond the uses of light for illumination and development, the laser beam technology unlocks a new functionality of light through the genius of focus.

The nature of light is such that it scatters as it moves away from its source, thereby lessening its intensity and effect. The laser beam scales through this limitation by concentrating the energy of light in a straight line, so that it retains its potency regardless of its distance from its point of origin thereby exploiting its utility in ways previously unimaginable.

Matt 6:22 says Your eye is the lamp of your body. If thine eyes be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

Lamp is synonymous with direction and path enlightenment. David in the psalms speaks countlessly about the Lamp of God’s word giving direction to his life and enlightening his path. The submission Jesus made here is that what you focus your eyes on would eventually determine where your body would go. Why? Because we speak after what we see, what we look upon and our lives would always go in the direction of what we say. What informs what we are saying is what we are looking upon.

The power of a witness is so strong in adjudication because he speaks after what he saw. That’s why wrongdoers suddenly become jittery when they hear that a witness was present and that witness is willing to testify. The witness’s ability to tilt judgement is because he says what he saws.

One of the ways a man can deceive himself is by looking upon something and wishing his life would go some other way. They want development but they continually behold degradation and wonder why their life is not together. Remember the words of Jesus, your chance at illumination and development is brokered through the genius of focus. The way you transport the light in God word and into your heart and translate that into your experience is through the singularity of your eyes. Yep! The dimensions of light and the level of illumination and development you as a person bring to every table you are present at is dependent on how single your eyes and heart are.

This simple truth lends itself to manifold applications. You can only grow as a believer and step into dimensions in God when your eyes are fixed on Him. Focus on something makes every other thing pale in relation to what you are beholding, focus upholds and elevates what you are looking at as truth, superimposing it on everything else. Yes! You are definitely set to experience what you are looking at. Your gaze on His promises guarantees your walk in His promises. Like focused light, by focusing your heart of God’s word, you can pierce veils and break into dimensions in God.

In corporate circles, you need to concentrate efforts to build mastery, create value and command influence. Thought leaders emerge by consistent study of a subject matter to the extent that a community of people look to them to deliver illumination and give direction in that area. We never build up by stacking bricks horizontally but vertically, additively. That’s the genius of focus. Sometimes the way to win is to put a lot of your eggs in one basket.

So my question to you is what are your eyes fixed on? What are you beholding? What are you looking upon? What portraits have you laced in the room of your heart with? What are you exposing the portals of your mind to? What stickers and pictures are plastered on your mind?

The correlation between our seeing and our becoming is so strong, the lesson here is to be aware and beware of what holds our gaze. Be aware, be intentional about what you are visualizing, also beware of things that are unconsciously put before you that you don’t want to steer the direction of your life.

Remember again the psalmist, I have set the Lord always before me! Set the Lord and His Word before you always. Don’t look in the word momentarily and then steady your gaze on news headlines, set the Word always before you. In the same vein, what is that developmental goal you have set for yourself? Be focused and hack it, don’t let anything distract and detract you. Let the window of your eyes be forever fixed on God and His word and there is no telling the extent of illumination, development and exponential growth you are going to experience!

Have a productive week ahead.

Be encouraged!

Olayinka Adebayo
Olayinka Adebayo

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