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Based on Belief

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March 6, 2023

There are many fascinating stories in the scriptures, but very few are fascinating as how Abraham pioneered a whole movement of God lovers that has spanned thousands of years on the strength of a seemingly small virtue called Belief.

As one gazes at the word itself, one of the realities you begin to come to terms with is the fact that it has so many layers, such that we will spend all of eternity unravelling the power of believing, and all we would have managed to do is perhaps just begin to scratch on its surface. So join me as we journey into this virtue and let’s pick some lessons that will send us on victory’s course.

What then shall we say that Abraham our father has found according to the flesh? For if Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God.— Romans 4:1–2 NKJV

In Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, he opened one of his arguments by asking a rhetorical question on what Abraham found in the flesh. Putting this in a 21st-century context, it’s akin to Paul asking you what physical proofs lend credence to what we profess spiritually. But guess what? Paul provided the simple answer to that seemingly technical question in verse 3;

For what does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. — Romans 4:3 (NKJV)

Then one begins to ask, “what then is belief?”

This will take us to the Genesis of the story; Genesis15. In this passage, we see Abraham in discussion with God pertaining to a genuine need in his life at the time, and God’s reply to Abraham and Abraham’s reply to God will begin to give us an insight into what believing is and how we can leverage on it to becoming victorious over life’s challenges.


1. He sends his word (Genesis 15:4). In response to Abraham’s need, God sends His word. Remember that Scripture firmly affirms that God’s words hold the keys to man’s deliverance (Psalm 107:20), and at the same time, God’s word is an extension of His person (John 1:1). Juxtaposing these two realities, we begin to see that in response to Abraham’s needs, God responded by showing up for Abraham, this speaks to how God prioritizes his relationship with the one He has become friends with by letting them know that their needs and desires are valid enough to summon His majestic and glorious being.

2. He reveals (Genesis 15:5). God didn’t just stop showing up. He begins to justify his showing up by furnishing His friend with the revelation, or what I like to refer to as an elevated sight, where the man starts to see through God’s lenses. What this begins to do is that it automatically demystifies all of man’s frailties by elevating him to a divine status where he begins to see, think, and act as God would because he has indeed been translated into the order of the Divine.


1. Believe! Believe!! Believe!!! It’s impossible to see from God’s lens and entertain doubt because in this realm, you have been permitted to walk into the hallowed portals of Enoch where your humanity ceases, and His divinity overshadows you, and this is the realm where all things become possible.

Now, back to Bro Paul’s question to the 21st-century believer. The appearance of the person of God and His revelational furnishings, which enabled us to believe, will now begin to cause us to justify that belief by carrying out actions that are consistent and in alignment with the person and character of God.

For Abraham, it was the physical sign of circumcision, which connotes that my carnal leanings have been cut off, so I now lean only on God’s Spirit.

For you and I, it is manifesting the realities of spirit such as Joy, Peace, Patience, Self-control, Meekness, etc., to such a degree that it almost looks like we are living in an alternate reality because we are not caught up in the trappings of this world.

So when next you’re confronted with any challenge, and you activate your belief protocol, wear your best look, garnished with loads of joy, and when people begin to inquire on how you have this much victory, just let them know it is based on belief.

Nonso Charles ORJI


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