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Always in Company

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August 8, 2022

Location is key to every person’s experience. The ultimate quality of life we live is dependent on what’s available where we reside. Two people with the same demographic statistics can experience realities that are miles apart just because they don’t live in the same place.

I’ll give you an example of a guy who lives in a rural-urban side of town which has issues with last-mile transportation, bad roads, no light, and more retail shop owners. The lady, on the other hand, lives in a gated estate in a central part of the city, with upgraded amenities and a mall.

Let’s throw in a few scenarios here, follow me.

Now imagine that this guy and lady work in the same office, and they get to speak to each other; he explains to her his troubles, and then she advises him to move into her gated estate or the one next to hers. The guy takes her advice; he suddenly is aware of and begins to experience a starkly different set of realities more akin to what the lady was experiencing because of a change in location.

Now imagine, he didn’t speak to that lady, and he just decided to move spaces and saw a vacancy in a gated estate, rented the apartment but didn’t have anybody tell him all that was available in that estate, so all he enjoys is the finer house, better roads, improved connectivity. He has experienced a quality of life better than what he had before but compared to the quality of life available, it is grossly underutilized.

What am I getting to here? The Bible talks about the scriptures cataloguing and documenting things for our learning so that by interacting with them, we might come into expectation which the bible calls hope (Romans 15:4). Every believer’s reality is fashioned by his expectation, and his expectation ought to be informed by his interaction with the Word. Realities are not fashioned after information, they are fashioned after expectations. Information becomes expectation when you meditate on it and interact with it. The problem is that some believers leave the Word of God as mere information and progress trending news to expectation through the agency of meditation. So they start to complain and speak evil about the Word because their life is not aligning to the Word. The question I have for them is, have they acted upon the Word and converted the information to expectation? As a believer, you do not have a business basing your expectations on news, happenings in the environment, or even other people’s realities. They are good information but leave them there. Your expectation should be based on His Word!

There are three things that happen when you interact with and engage the word, there’s the expectation that is formed in your heart, there is the patience that you are armed with, and lastly, there is the comfort of scriptures, the original rendition of the word comfort means a summoning or a drawing near. These expectations formed in your heart are like an architect’s drawing (blueprint) of an edifice. While you’re patiently waiting, anchored to that expectation you have, comfort begins to draw upon heavenly resources to bring to pass that which your heart is anchored.

So imagine the architect’s drawing is a school and comfort has started to call and bring together building engineers specialized in school projects, and all of a sudden, you shift your expectation, immediately changing the blueprint to a residential four-bedroom duplex. You have just confused comfort… lool.

You see why the Bible says your expectation must be an anchor? It’s a two-way anchor; your expectation must be anchored to the Word of God, the ageless and ancient ever true Word and secondly, it must anchor your soul, which is the seat of your imagination and your will.

Remember the story of Elisha and Gehazi in 2 Kings 6? They were ambushed and surrounded by a host of chariots and horses of the King’s army. I wonder why the King brought an armoured vehicle to a knife fight, but, yes, the king had sent this host of soldiers just to arrest Elisha and his assistant. The Bible said Gehazi immediately was afraid because he was grossly unaware. He had no expectation of the end of this battle because his prior interactions though he was around such an institution as Elisha, was just with the mundane. So his expectation was based on the natural outcomes of what his senses could perceive. Elisha encouraged him by helping him reset his expectation. He gave him some information, those that are with us are more than those against us, and he asked God to open Gehazi’s eyes so that he might see. While Elisha is a prophet and a seer, I doubt that Elisha may have necessarily seen these host of angel armies, but he was assured of what he was surrounded by because he was aware of his location. He had interacted with that so much that it had informed his expectation and was about to dictate the outcome of this situation.

Hebrews 12:22 recounts our locational privileges contrasting Mt. Sinai with Mt. Zion. The first contrast to draw upon here is Mt. Zion, unlike Mt. Sinai is not a place, it’s a presence. A place is fixed while a presence is carried. God resided on Mt. Sinai once, God is forever residing in Zion. The writer of Hebrews says we have come to Mt. Zion, and in this location, there are privileges resident in the presence of God; the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, an innumerable company of angels.

Understanding that you’re in the city of the living God and heavenly Jerusalem informs you that light can never be an issue for you because He himself is their light, not just the sun or the moon but Him, the true light of life finna be lighting you up. Lol. Don’t let Nigeria fool you, the light in Zion is not erratic. It’s constantly available at the highest voltage and able to power up anything you plug into it. The heavenly Jerusalem signifies that there’s no weeping, joy always, you may pass through transient valleys of Baca, but your ultimate destination is spring wells.

I recall a time when I was in my teen years, and we were living on a lonely street. We were all ladies living in that house, and I recall how I would tell my mum that thieves could never invade us because there were angels at our gate. While I hoped to see an angel physically one of those days, I never did, but my imagination had worked up different scenarios where thieves were about to break into our house, and they saw an angel sitting on our gate or standing in front of our gate. I cannot remember how many times I played these scenarios in my head. I was so sure that although we were just five ladies in that big house, we weren’t just five, there were more of us. Right where you are right this moment, you are in an innumerable company of angels. They bear you up, they execute God’s word and counsel on your behalf no matter where your physical geography is.

To the general assembly and church of the first born, which are written in heaven and to God the Judge of all and to the Spirits of just men made perfect. — Hebrews 12:23

And to Jesus, the mediator of the new covenant and to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than the blood of Abel — Hebrews 12:24

The church of the firstborn and the spirits of just men pull together an exhaustive collection of divine intervention where things ultimately turn out for your good, for your learning and for your perfection. There’s nothing you are going through that is alien to this kingdom. The Holy Spirit is able to search through this compendium to draw out wisdom for you to use for judging whatever matter you’re going through.

And lastly, you are in the company of Jesus, who has ushered you into a new covenant with better promises that speaks! You are assured that your path and every step you take is brighter than the previous because of Jesus! His blood has brokered everlasting adoption, glory, honour and favour on our behalf.

So don’t allow the devil draw you into the delusion that you are alone because you’re one person. No, you’re always in the company of these inexhaustible and insuperable resources. Meditate on what is available to you, convert the information to expectation, make those blueprints and wait in expectation of the good that is coming.

Have a blessed week ahead!

Yinka Adebayo

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