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17 Jun 2024

The Hard Pill To Swallow

It’s a well-known fact that the most beneficial medicines often taste bitter, making them unpleasant to take. Yet, these small bitter doses can bring immense relief — showcasing God’s hidden wisdom. As Pastor Dami aptly pointed out in his 2023

24 Jan 2022

Smoke Alarms

There is an amplitude of advancement that we may never experience if a dimension of

17 Jan 2022

The Priority of Light.

God is Eternal! What that means is that He is Present at both extremes of

10 Jan 2022

3 Destiny Lessons For A New Year

Shortly before the end of 2021 in a short personal retreat I had, the Spirit

03 Jan 2022

The Sure Path to Growth

First things first, Happy New Year! I’m glad you made it into this glorious year

27 Dec 2021

Loose Him and Let Him Go!

The Lord made a definitive statement in Luke.17.1 — Then He said to the disciples, “It

20 Dec 2021

Keep Your King and The King of Kings will Keep You

What makes the game of Chess so fascinating? Perhaps because it forces its players to

13 Dec 2021

Spiritual Sustainability.

One of the buzz words in our world and age that will be around at

06 Dec 2021

The Supernatural Conversation of Sychar

We all know the interesting story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman by the well

29 Nov 2021

Of Names & Towers

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and

22 Nov 2021

Following Jesus

Last week, we explored a significant moment in the life of the Rich Young Ruler.

Of Young Wealthy Rulers in Search of Answers

There is an interesting passage of Scripture in the Gospel of Mark Chapter 10. It

08 Nov 2021

Cultivating Your Relationship With God

One of the realities of adult life is the consciousness of the multiple roles we

01 Nov 2021

The Union Between Stability and Fruitfulness.

In Life, you cannot produce trust at any level, either with a spouse, a client,

25 Oct 2021

Receive Your Healing Now!

One of the Scriptures that gave me boldness in life is what I’m about to

18 Oct 2021

A God Path To Self Discovery

Finding purpose and discovering exactly what you were created to do is one of Life’s

11 Oct 2021

Lend Your Voice While You Can

Isn’t it amazing to think that the same child you witnessed his birth as a

04 Oct 2021

Follow The Road!

Welcome again to October and the beginning of the last quarter of 2021! If you

27 Sep 2021

Embrace That Change

My Daughter will be a year old in a couple of weeks; and I can

20 Sep 2021

Adulting and the Multiverse of Choices

As a child grows and matures, one of the key things that change in said

13 Sep 2021

Christ The Healer

In the world today, disease and sickness are claiming a terrible toll on human lives.

06 Sep 2021

Christ Is Enough

Across the spectrum of medical and scientific research regardless of the field, there is the

30 Aug 2021

My Mental Health Is Not Up For Equity II

There is an ongoing challenge on social media; it’s called the Crate Challenge. Millions have

23 Aug 2021

My Mental Health Is Not Up For Equity.

Mental Health is a buzz word! It became even more popular after the just concluded

16 Aug 2021

The Giver Comes First.

I believe if cavalry was to stand in the sunshine and cast a shadow, it

09 Aug 2021

Crown The Right Will.

One of the biggest frustrations a lot of people suffer from is the inability to

02 Aug 2021

Heart Defender.

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” —

26 Jul 2021

Candles, Bushels & Mirrors.

Growing up with my grandma in Ake Etan Tuntun, Oyo State; there was hardly any

19 Jul 2021

Friends, Focus On Where The Action Is.

A while ago, I was having a friendly chat with someone and the conversation flowed

18 Jul 2021

Shaping Your Identity in the Face of Jesus 7.0 – Pastor Dami Oguntunde

In this message, Pastor Dami taught us the amazing work the Father wrought in us

12 Jul 2021

The Uncertainty Principle.

Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1932